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Questions and answers you may need to know or wondered about.

What are your standards of quality ?

With over thirty years working on the monumental trade Balgriffin Headstones has erected more headstones in as many different cemeteries than any other monumental sculptor. Our headstones are all across Ireland and stand as a testimonial to our fine work and craftsmanship.

Where are your materials sourced ?

Balgriffin Headstones expertly source their natural materials which are of the finest quality from the four corners of the globe including Norwegian Blue Pearl in Norway, Paradiso granite in Brazil, the Hubie Province in China to source the Aurora granite, the Kerla state of India to extract Kerla Green and throughout Ireland to name but a few locations.

What is granite ?

Granite was naturally formed hundreds of years ago from molten lava. After a long cooling period granite formations formed all over the world. It is from these quarries your stone is then cut into slabs from large blocks of stone and brought to our yard and then cut into your chosen shape or design. With our master craftsmen Fingal memorials can cut any shape, and any design from any slab of granite to your specific design.

How is my headstone made ?

Once you’ve choose your headstone, and you’ve choose one of our sample templates of lettering and designs, we will then begin making your headstone. When the shape is made and polished one of our stone cutters will lay out a stencil of rubber on top of the face of the headstone. Using a sandblasting technique your inscription will then be engraved into the stone. Once this process has taken place the headstone is generally gilded with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf which is hand pressed and sealed into the stone making it last longer than anything else.

What about inscriptions ?

Inscriptions on memorials should be laid out flawlessly and should be easily legible. This is a factor that is over looked by many unqualified monumental companies and others. Fonts and sizing is as important as the colour or shape of the stone itself. Any decent monumental company should provide you with several layouts of what your headstone should look like so you know what to expect.

Tell me about Gold Leaf ?

Balgriffin Headstones use 23 ½ Gold leaf and not gold paint. Gold leaf is pressed and gilded into the carving of the stone. It looks the best and lasts longer than any other. Gold paint which is very cheap fades and resembles a faint mustard yellow.

Marble & Granite Colours

Beautiful colours. Intricate vained patterns. Unique styles. With a wide range of diverse granites and marbles sourced from the four cornes of the world.
Aurura Granite


Blue Lagoon Granite

Blue Lagoon

Carrara White Marble

Carrara White

Kerla Green Granite

Kerla Green

Supreme Black

Supreme Black

Paradiso Granite


Viscount White Granite

Viscount White


Blue Pearl Granite

Blue Pearl

Kuppham Green Granite

Kuppham Green

Sahara Gold

Sahara Gold

Lime Stone


Supreme Black

Black Granite

Emerald Pearl

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