Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Balgriffin Headstones Boulder

Balgriffin Headstones Boulder. It can be combined and so can include the following. Base and Flower box. Single Plinth, Second Plinth and Third Plinth. Also Accessories, Inscriptions, Graphics and Bespoke Elements.

Boulder Overview

A detailed look at the design. All the options that this stunning memorial has to offer.
Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Colour: Viscount White


Base (Inclined horizontal cutout segment)


First Plinth

Recessed Design Shape



Boulder Gallery

A sample of our work

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Chiselled Round Top (1)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Half Shoulder (2)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Gothic (3)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Recessed Round Top (4)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Polished Round Top (5)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Chiselled Round Top (6)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Emboss Square (7)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Carved Round Top (8)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Tooth (9)

Balgriffin headstones 426 design style

Circular (10)

Shaping the sculpting narrative since 1986. It has always been the tradition of Balgriffin Headstones to exhibit our finest examples of beautifully throughout designs. Exceptional quality coloured granites, marbles and stone craftsmanship. This latest updated website continues in that vein. So proudly highlighting some of our new specially chosen granites that Balgriffin Headstones will be offering and what motivated and inspired us to choose them. To stand alongside the other high quality materials that are already used by our master craftsmen. 

Today, people purchasing a headstone for the first time or even replacing one is a serious commitment. And tend to select a monument that resonated with them personally. Perhaps the inclusion of stained glass or a printed or etched section. Altering one piece to make the memorial unique or the way a veined pattern or tone of colour on a granite surface will have a striking presence to one’s individual taste. It is in stark contrast with the way it was just a few generations ago. With such a vast array of choices now and an ever diversifying scope that continue to make the Balgriffin Headstones in the memorial industry one of the most faithful and creatively skilled companies in the field today.

Relentlessly Moving Forward

Innovation through alteration, restructuring and unconventionally by its very essence, is never motionless. It is always relentlessly moving forward. The nucleus of the memorial industry made the transition. From traditional stone cutting methods by hand solely used by generations of craftsmen to a far more technological based landscape. Where advanced machinery and computer aided design precision manufacture brought forward a new era of sophisticated cutting edge techniques into a once traditional vocation. Inscriptions and epitaphs painstakingly etched with hammer and chisels were now eclipsed by new precise technologies. Which took just as much care with the chosen material as any master craftsman could have.    

While innovation has given us prominence with imaginative design and fabulous sculpture continuing to flourish. This time our attention was focused on pioneering works. Extreme definition printing made of transparent thermoplastic toughened glass and precision laser engraving. Where massive levels of energy generate heat for vaporisation to create images which can elevate an already exquisite memorial to a new level. These technologies are highly engaging to the craftsman as it allows for complete freedom to forge new headstone pieces to astound.

Brave New World

World travel markets opened in the early 1980’s to coincide with financial ventures with trade, local authorities and regions. With domestic and commercial travel becoming more commonplace. It also became easier and more adventurous to import new striking coloured marbles and exotic patterned granites from quarries from the four corners of the globe. Norwegian Blue Pearl in Norway, the Hubie Province in China to source the Aurora granite. And the Kerla state of India to extract Kerla Green and Paradiso granite. Balgriffin Headstones are among the most progressive and ambitious memorial companies within the industry. We had the vision to see the potential and took up the challenge accordingly and without hesitation.

With the panoramic viewpoint that comes from our current position of more than 35 years in the memorial industry, and now into the second decade of the twenty-first century, we can see clearly that our innovative dedicated mastery to our craft and fervent obligation to our customers to provide the highest standards is as strong now as it was in the first promising year of our company Balgriffin Headstones. Taking every available opportunity that promised to bring us to the level of success and stature.