Balgriffin Headstones Books Accessories

Balgriffin Headstones Books

Balgriffin Headstones Books Accessory. They can be used to accompany all headstones. Base and Flower box. Single Plinth, Second Plinth and Third Plinth. Also Accessories, Inscriptions, Graphics and Bespoke Elements.

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Balgriffin Headstones Books accessory. Available in different granites and Bronze. All in various sizes.
Balgriffin Headstones Book Accessories

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Balgriffin Headstones Book Accessories

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Balgriffin Headstones Book Accessories

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Balgriffin Headstones Book Accessories

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Balgriffin Headstones Book Accessories

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Balgriffin Headstones Book Accessories

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Certain embellishments can sometimes evoke a feeling of sentimentality. So can resonate with a customer and in doing so they can identify with the sculpted memorial. In all it’s glorious craftsmanship. Balgriffin Headstones have a range of striking and skilfully crafted accessories to personify the memory of your loved one. A respectful and dignified tribute that will forever stand the test of time. And be there to reflect and lament.

The advances in modern technology have also played an important role in assisting the craftsman in many aspects of their profession. Whether the intended sculpture will be traditional or contemporary in its style, it is cutting edge computer aided design techniques that ensure the piece is as perfect as possible without losing any of the heart of the sculpture. A reassuring thought for even the most skilled of master craftsmen.

Accessories can be as distinctive and tasteful as the memorials that preside over them. Each one as original and unique as one that preceded it. You can choose from a wide range of exceptional plaques, hearts, books, statues, lamps, vases and temporary markers. Our selection of statues include porcelain figures, painted and coloured figures and bronze.

We can also provide advice on the wording on the final inscription or epitaph and assist you on choosing an appropriate design incorporated in your memorial to reflect the life and achievements of your loved one. Photographs can be attached to the memorial or on any sundry items such as hearts, plaques, books etc as illustrated throughout the diverse pages of this beautiful presentation website.