Renovations Balgriffin Headstones

Balgriffin headstones Renovations

Balgriffin Headstones renovations. From new to old and back to new again. Looking after our memorials past, present and future.

Balgriffin Headstones renovations offer a complete service for old memorials. After restructuring bases, centring plinths, sand blasting or soda blasting, re-cutting and re-painting or re-gilding, a memorial is returned to the original pristine condition it was in on the day it was first erected. We can also add concrete and Chipping’s to new and existing graves. This eliminates maintenance and keeps the grave site weed free. Additional inscriptions can also be added on site to an existing memorial or monument and the existing letters re-enamelled or re-glided.

It is worth mentioning that once a headstone has been erected it requires very little maintenance if any. Beware of monumental companies offering a one or two year maintenance service as this is simply a scam. Quality memorials should last long after your lifetime and should be erected with such craftsmanship and top grade materials that there is no need for maintenance other than the occasional wiping down with a wet or dry clean cloth. Balgriffin Headstones renovations.

Renovation Gallery

Beautiful colours. Intricate veined patterns. Unique styles.
With a wide range of diverse granites and marbles sourced from the four corners of the world.
1. KENNY “Before”
1. KENNY “After”
2. DOWNES “Before”
2. DOWNES “After”
3. FALLON “Before”
3. FALLON “After”
4. TONER “Before”
4. TONER “After”
5. MANIFOLD “Before”
5. MANIFOLD “After”
6. SANDFORD “Before”
6. SANDFORD “After”
7. CONWAY “Before”
7. CONWAY “After”
8. PRICE “Before”
8. PRICE “After”
9. JONES “Before”
9. JONES “After”
10. MURNEY “Before”
10. MURNEY “After”