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Welcome to Balgriffin Headstones

Welcome To Balgriffin Headstones panoramic view of the Creator’s finest expressed in nature. It’s beauty awe inspiring, and a glimpse of what awaits beyond.

With the panoramic viewpoint that comes from our current position of more than thirty five years in the memorial industry, and now into the second decade of the twenty-first century, we can see clearly that our innovative dedicated mastery to our craft and fervent obligation to our customers to provide the highest standards is as strong now as it was in the first promising year of our company Balgriffin Headstones. Taking every available opportunity that promises to bring us to the level of success, stature and dedication. Welcome to Balgriffin Headstones.

Headstones erected within 4 – 6 weeks

We lay out and proof all headstones

We apply to cemetery authorities on your behalf

Fully licensed, insured and Tax compliant

A guarantee on all our work

Inspired by the nature, life and faith

We gather our influences and cultivate our inspiration from many sources. All representing a piece in life’s tapestry. All intertwined, all divine.
Welcome To Balgriffin Headstones

Inspired By Black A selection of Flawless Black Granite Headstones

A Light In The Black
Welcome To Balgriffin Headstones

Inspired By Nature A Selection Of Autumnal Coloured Headstones

The Four Seasons
Welcome To Balgriffin Headstones

Inspired By Sahara A Look At Our New Unique Sahara Gold Coloured Headstones

The Sands Of Time
Welcome To Balgriffin Headstones

Inspired By Faith An Array of our Headstones Influenced By Religious Symbolism

An Unwavering Faith

Balgriffin Headstones Collections

Our vast and beautiful range of memorials come in all different designs and sizes. From contemporary to classic in style and traditional to abstract in design.
Celtic Side Cross
Balgriffin Headstones
Balgriffin Headstones
Gates Of Heaven
Balgriffin Headstones
Double Sided Book
Balgriffin Headstones
Balgriffin Headstones

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