Inspired By The Four Seasons

Inspired By The Four Seasons

Inspired By The Four Seasons. Our chosen granites inspired by the divine presence from natures highest vantage point.

A Panoramic View

Inspired by the four seasons. When you see that panoramic view of the Creator’s finest expressed in nature, and the beauty takes your breath away, remember it is just a glimpse of the real thing that awaits you in Heaven. Reaching paradise is something that we find in faith and belief but it is the natural world that nourishes and cultivates our soul throughout our life. You can see divine presence in natures spectacular gamut of colours, tangible and unique textures and expressive designs.

An Influencing Force

Inspiration requires a starting point. The ability to creatively innovate and cause forward thinking progress requires such an influencing force. This formed the nucleus of success and sincere reputation that Balgriffin Headstones have fashioned over more than three decades within the memorial industry. This is where we take their cues for their finest quality marble and granite colours, textures and design sensibilities. Inspired by nature and created by the divine. Inspired By The Four Seasons.

“and so many colours I will have seen..
the soft pinks and purples of spring, the pine greens of summer, the flaking rusts of autumn and cold winter’s blue and so many others without you.”

Paradiso Granite: Inspired by spring

Characterised by mottled patterns of delicate pinks and purples with an abundance of movement. Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Paradiso Celtic Cross
Paradiso Tall C1
Paradiso Shield
Paradiso Shell
Paradiso Heart
Paradiso Tulip
Paradiso Gates
Paradiso Tall 426
Paradiso T.V.
Paradiso 426

Kerala Green Granite: Inspired by summer

A tropical green granite with irregular dark green and red garnets beautifully polished. Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Kerla Celtic Side Cross
Kerla Grotto
Kerla Heart
Kerla Cyrstal Shard
Kerla Book
Kerla Polished Boulder
Kerla Heart C1
Kerla Celtic Canyon
Kerla Tall 426
Kerla Round Top

Aurora Granite: Inspired by autumn

A deep rick brown reddish multi coloured granite with a dark and exotic appearance. Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Aurora Spiral Book
Aurora Side Cross
Aurora Tall C1
Aurora Gates
Aurora Rose Leaf
Aurora Top 9
Aurora 426
Aurora 426 Variation
Aurora Apex
Aurora Modern Canyon

Blue Lagoon Granite: Inspired by winter

Multiple shades of speckled blues with a distinctive vained pattern creates it’s uniqueness. Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Inspired By The Four Seasons.
Blue Lagoon Gates
Blue lagoon Celtic Side Cross
Blue Lagoon Pillar Ogee
Blue Lagoon Tear
Blue Lagoon Tall C1
Blue Lagoon C1
Blue Lagoon Book
Blue Lagoon Panel Top
Blue Lagoon Carved Tree
Blue Lagoon Murphy No.5