How do I go about purchasing a headstone ?
Call to our showroom in Balgriffin and  our experienced staff will assist you in the entire process of choosing a headstone for your Loved ones grave.

What cemetery rules may apply ?
Is it a Lawn cemetery (No Surrounds Allowed) or a Kerbed Cemetery. Are there Height restrictions in place? or have the headstones to confirm to certain sizes only as in Mount Jerome Garden section or Glasnevin in certain sections.

What interaction is required with the cemetery ?
Cemeteries are either owned by a County Council, private or they are run by the local parish Church, All normally have rules and regulations for granting permission to erect a headstone. and depending on the cemetery there can also be a fee charged for obtaining a permit to carry out the work and erect a memorial. Fingal County Council charge 246 euros, Glasnevin trust 520 euros South Dublin County Council 490 euros. The permission will normally be applied for on your behalf by the monumental Sculptor and any fees will be added onto your account. Only when permission is granted can the work proceed on your grave.

How soon after a burial can I erect a headstone ?
Lawn cemeteries facilitate a headstone to be erected immediately – as soon as you wish. In kerbed Cemeteries you can also erect your headstone and surround immediately However, it is advisable that the middle of the grave is not cemented until the ground settles which normally takes at least 3 months. In addition appropriate foundations to support the memorial and kerbs will need to be built depending on the cemetery.

How long does it take to erect a headstone after ordering ?
Once the relevant permission has been granted and a permit received the order can proceed. Normally, dependent on availability of materials a headstone can be be erected within 4/6 weeks. People also choose certain times of the year to erect headstones e.g. Blessings of the graves, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Religious holidays, Xmas, Easter time etc. Please note it may take a bit longer during these busy times.

Can I select Designs, inscriptions, and fonts for my headstone ?
Yes. When we receive your inscription a computer generated mock proof will be produced showing how the lettering will look on your chosen headstone. You can choose from a wide range of font styles and designs to personalize your headstone to reflect the life and achievements of your loved one. Advice can also be given on lettering style, colour that will suit and compliment your chosen memorial.

What do I look for when buying a Headstone ?

High Standard of Quality
This is visible in memorials that have already been erected in your local cemetery. Always compare different monumental sculptors by their own craftsmanship and finish which should be evident in your local cemetery.

Reasonable & Competitive Pricing
Many monumental sculptors charge similar prices for monuments of a much poorer quality. Shop around and always ask questions about the monument you are buying making sure you are getting the best deal with no hidden extras. Reputable companies will price your headstone with all costs, not add extra for your inscription or kerbing after you have ordered and paid your deposit.

A Qualified Stonecutter
Any good monumental company employs fully qualified stonecutters. In recent times companies have begun buying in already cut memorials and simply lettering the headstone. The Majority of these companies will demand money up front to cover this cost and will only be able to do the basic work of a stone cutter.

Only buy a headstone from a fully insured monumental company with a premises. Never buy a headstone from anyone in a cemetery or with only a mobile phone number. You want peace of mind if anything is wrong with your memorial or you require further inscriptions that is why you should only buy a headstone from a reputable monumental company who specialize in headstones  (not from a gravedigger or a someone that you meet in a cemetery).

Inscriptions on memorials should be laid out flawlessly and should be easily legible. This is a factor that is over looked by many unqualified monumental companies and others. Fonts and sizing is as important as the colour or shape of the stone itself. Any decent monumental company should provide you with several layouts of what your headstone should look like so you know what to expect.

Gold Leaf
Always ask a monumental sculptor what kind of gold do they use on their headstones? Almost all good monumental companies use 23 1/2 Gold leaf and not gold paint. Gold leaf is pressed and gilded into the carving of the stone. It looks the best and lasts longer than any other gold paint which is very cheap fades and resembles a faint mustard yellow.

Never give a deposit in a cemetery or to anyone unless you have checked them out or that they are a well established company. No monumental company will ask you to pay in full on ordering your headstone until it is ready and if you do so you will be at their mercy and may receive something that you did not order.

Buyer Tip- Always remember the cheapest price doesn’t always mean the best deal. Compare like with like!


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