Black Gold

Welcome To Black Gold From Balgriffin Headstones

Supreme black granite complimented with 23½ carat gold leaf inscription lettering and design made for a striking combination. A Black Gold creation

Supreme Black Marble is definitive and powerful. It is highly reflective and represents prestige putting forward the feeling of conservatism and conventionally that is also restricting and contained. Striking and elegant black marble can evoke strong emotions and memories and can be quite overpowering for some to handle. Never cynical and very much authoritative in nature it stands out when used by the master stone cutters from Balgriffin headstones.

“Without black, no colour has any depth.
But if you mix black with everything, suddenly there’s shadow – no, not just shadow, but fullness as well.”

The colour Supreme Black Granite.

Black Gold. A solid pure black with no patterns or vaining. Only a perfect reflective sheen.
Black Granite Gates
Black Granite Murphy No.5
Black Granite Harp
Black Granite Tall C1
Black Granite C1 Heart
Black Granite C1
Black Granite Large Gates
Black Granite Pillar Apex
Black Granite Heart
Black Granite Carved Gates
Black Granite T.V.
Black Granite Tall Scroll
Black Granite Shell
Black Granite Guitar Gates
Black Granite Ogee