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Balgriffin Headstones Heart. It can be combined and include the following:
Base and Flowerbox. Single Plinth, Second Plinth and Third Plinth. Also Accessories, Inscriptions, Graphics and Bespoke Elements.

Balgriffin Headstones Heart Overview. Drop into us!

A detailed look at the design and options that this stunning memorial from Balgriffin Headstones has to offer

Colour: Carrara White


• Base

• First Plinth

• Second Plinth

• Heart Design Shape

• Custom Stained Glass

• Inscriptions

• Graphics

Balgriffin Headstones Heart Gallery

Some of our Heart memorial collection.

Heart (1)

Heart (2)

Heart (3)

Carrara white Heart with glass design Balgriffin Headstones

Heart (4)

Heart (5)