Balgriffin Headstones Chippings

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Balgriffin Headstones Chippings Accessory. They can be used to accompany all headstones.
Base and Flowerbox. Single Plinth, Second Plinth and Third Plinth. Also Accessories, Inscriptions, Graphics and Bespoke Elements.

Balgriffin Headstones Chippings Gallery

Balgriffin Headstones Chippings accessories. Available in different Granite, Glass, Pebbles and Slate. All in various sizes.

Black Recycled Glass

Green Recycled Glass


Grey Granite

Italian White Marble

Aqua Blue Pebbles

Orange Glass Pebbles

Yellow Pebbles

Black & White Pebbles

P2 white quartz chippings

P2 White Quartz

Red Cashew Pebbles

Yellow Cashew Pebbles

Green Recycled Glass

Blue Recycled Glass

Red Recycled Glass

Amber Glass Beads

Red Polished Cobbles

Everton Blue Glass


Moldovan White


Scottish Cobble

Midland Pink

Yellow Sienna